Wife.  Mom.  Pediatrician.  Coach.  Runner.  

Advocate for work-life alignment and inner peace.


  I am who I am today because of the              choices I made yesterday.         

-Eleanor Roosevelt

I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.          -Eleanor Roosevelt

So many of us in medicine have similar stories.


Altruistic, high achiever goes to medical school.


Medical student is introduced to culture of stress and adopts survival attitude to cope with stress.


Resident becomes proficient in prioritizing work over self to survive work environment.


Practicing physician, with unresolved stress from earlier experiences, gets married, has children, and tries to create work-life alignment in the face of frequent call, long work hours, charting demands, and administrative responsibilities.


And burns out.


Because martyrdom and self-sacrifice at the expense of self are not sustainable.

This was my story.

With high empathy, poor boundaries, and lots of negative self-talk mixed in.

Burnout felt horrible.


So I tried everything to resolve it.


Yoga, running, meditation, changing jobs, seeing less patients, reading EVERYTHING having to do with self-help.




But I stayed burned out.


And I berated myself for not being able to make it "work."


And wondered what was wrong with me and why I constantly felt overwhelmed.


And whether I would ever enjoy being a physician.


Or if I'd always feel trapped.

Until I discovered coaching and began questioning the belief that

I’d "signed up for this”...


Through years of self-coaching and working with a coach, I dismantled this belief and so many others that contributed to my story.


Starting with the self-defeating, self-sabotaging ones.


I learned more about myself, my sensitivity, and what I needed in order to thrive personally and professionally.


I gained tools to reduce my stress, manage my overwhelm, and broaden my emotional bandwidth.  


I got clear on what I actually HAD signed up for…a fulfilling and balanced life that allows me to serve others while honoring my own needs.


I started adopting new beliefs and making different choices.


And in doing so, created a life that I love.


And I’m here to help you do the same.



Why coaching?


Because nothing in our training prepares us for preventing burnout, resolving burnout, or creating work-life alignment.


Because coaching can change your life in a way that nothing else you’ve tried can or will.


Yolanda is such a greater listener.  My life’s work has been caring for others.  I can do that.  Yolanda has been phenomenal in coaching me in the process of exploring my thoughts and my actions, really looking at ME, taking out the distractions and beginning the work.  It has been transformational and refreshing to be honest about areas in my life that I normally ignore or avoid.  Those are the areas that we deal with silently.  Focusing on me has been life-changing and the work continues.  Thank you, Yolanda!

One of my greatest joys is working with my fellow physicians and colleagues in medicine.


They’re determined, hard-working, compassionate, and committed to improving the lives of everyone else, but they often abandon themselves and their own lives along the way.


They’ve lived in overwhelm, out of alignment with their true selves, and “stuck” for so long that they can’t imagine a different existence.


And they doubt their ability to create one.


But they do.  

Every single time.


Having support and learning tools that increase their awareness of the power they have in creating the lives they desire is life-changing for them.


And it can be for you too.

Ready to get started?