Work With Me

Because you deserve so much more.  And you don’t have to figure it all out alone.

If you’re reading this, there's a good chance that...


You’ve worked hard.   


You've put everyone's needs before your own.


You've avoided setting boundaries to "keep the peace."


You've sacrificed your values to "fit in."


You've ignored your need to recharge.


You’ve abandoned yourself. 

I know what it’s like to be here.

And to burnout.

And to try all of the things to resolve it.

And to fail.


Because many of the "things" that we do in the name of self-care don't actually move us any closer to valuing ourselves. 

Or our lives.



What it would be like to shift your focus away from "things" and towards yourself?


What it would be like to get clear on what's keeping you from having the balance, peace, and energy that you desire - to get clear on the source of your overwhelm?


What it would be like to have someone supporting you as you move out of your (dis)comfort zone and as you challenge the beliefs that have kept you in it?


What it would be like to experience the transformation that comes from finally showing up for yourself?


What would it be like to create a life you love?





When your life is consumed with caring for others, it’s  important to take time to care for yourself. When I started coaching with Yolanda, I was entering my 18th year working in the medical field while being an active wife, mother of two, volunteer, student, teacher….. you name it, I signed up for it.  I thought the more I did, the more valuable I was (to others). I didn’t take the time to consider my value to myself (or my sanity). Yolanda has helped me rethink how I view my life, my expectations, and most importantly, myself. Our sessions are invaluable. She is an amazing listener and she challenges me to reach inside myself to find the real answers.



Yolanda quickly helped me realize that I do not need to be everything to everyone, and I definitely do not need to be perfect while doing so.  I am now able to give myself grace when I fall short of my goals and expectations of myself. Letting go of being perfect at all times has lifted a great weight off of my shoulders, and I swear I sleep better at night because of it!  If you seek more happiness, less stress, or more balance, Yolanda should be the first person you contact.  She is a kind, nonjudgmental, and confidential resource to help you become your best self and truly live your best life. 

You are worth investing in you!

If you’re ready to move forward, schedule a discovery session so that we can discuss the life you'd like to create, the obstacles that you anticipate, and how my coaching can support you.



Different results require different actions. 


Coaching IS different

and requires an investment.  

Of time, energy, and resources.

Of courage and vulnerability. 


Not unlike the investment that you've already made in your education, training, and career. 


But one that is 


and applicable to everything else that you do. 


In the very best way.


You get to choose.

To live your life on your own terms.